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Detailed description
AITAC performs high level CFD fluid flow simulations using STAR-CCM+ and FLUENT software. Fluid flow simulations are today deeply implemented in nearly every manufacturing industry as a vital part of computer aided engineering. AITAC has capability to perform fluid flow simulations in different engineering areas (power generation, marine and offshore, HVAC, turbomachinery etc.).

Francis turbine runner and path lines in draft tube (1) Fluid flow details (2, 3)

Many of the performed fluid flow simulations are validated by laboratory or plant measurements. The insight into fluid flow can be used to enhance the design or to change operating conditions. Enhanced design finally results with improved overall performance.

Fuel gas furnace; path lines colored by mole fraction of O2

AITAC CFD fluid flow simulation deliverables:

  • 3D surface and solid modeling
  • FVM discretization (volume meshing)
  • simulation, visualization and analysis of fluid flow
  • full analysis report including integrating quantities
  • result animations and pictures of fluid flow fields

Ventilation, path lines

Most significant benefits:

  • alterations done in the 3D model are associative with the mesh
  • quick recalculation
  • many operating conditions can be calculated with same analysis model
  • ability to build very big numerical models with up to 4 million FVM cells.

STAR-CCM+ is a registered trademark of CD-adapco.
FLUENT is a registered trademark of Ansys Inc.