Norwegian Breakaway

(Norwegian Cruise Lines)


Yard hull number: S0678

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Design of hull steel 3D models for cruiseliner

Design of ship systems (piping, HVAC)

MeyerWerft GmbH, Papenburg, Germany

Design of hull steel 3D models for cruiseliners, to be used for automated production.

Design of ship systems (piping, HVAC, accomodation systems), to be used for production and coordination

Detailed description
AITAC engineers are performing design of hull steel 3D models and outfitting 3D models and drawings in CATIA on a range of MeyerWerft cruiseliners. As a result, high quality steel models and outfitting models and drawings were delivered to MeyerWerft. On time and to precise and attractive costs.

Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany, designs, builds and delivers a large range of different types of ships, and is well known for building cruiseliners.
Meyer Werft is very well known for her high quality and her modern and sophisticated designs, but also for her state-of-the-art automated production techniques and facilities.

Ship steel construction hull section in CATIA

The ship steel as well as most of other systems is being designed in 3D with CATIA. The automated production based on 3D models requires high quality 3D designs. The ship is divided into (and is being built by) large blocks, which themselves are built out of ‘sections’.

Double bottom section in CATIA

AITAC Marine & Offshore Engineering specialists are able to design ship hull steel and outfitting models to the specific MeyerWerft requirements, specifications and standards. Either fully integrated into the MeyerWerft design teams, or fully independent off-site. Both for basic design as well as detailed design.