Structural FEM calculations

FEM automation in CATIA V5

Several Yacht customers

Detailed description
Use of a highly productive, parametric and reusable structure of Yacht section.

  • Import of data from other systems
  • Parametric and associative methodology for hull structure modeling (plate and stiffening)
  • Use of power copy and assembly template catalog parts for 3D rapid structuring section
  • Creation of associative 2D and Beam mesh with connections
  • Creation of several integrated load cases
  • Optimize and modify thickness of plating
  • Full documentation and report

The solution achieved allows the companies to have significant time savings in optimizing and validating hull construction.

CATIA is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes.

3D model and FEM of Aft-ship of a luxury yacht

Beside all mechanical and systems engineering AITAC also performs high level FEM calculations. AITAC performes special finite element analysis with Catia for structural analyses of the hull construction of a yachts.

3D model / FEM Stabilizer Construction

AITAC has developed its own methodologies to be able to quickly and flexible mesh and perform strength analyses to validate the design. The outputs of the analysis result in possible modifications and changes of the design, which can be validated quickly with the same analysis model. (Optimization)

Y-deflections of a longitudinal wall

Marine & Offshore Engineering FEM deliverables:

  • 3D surface model in IGES
  • global and local strength calculations
  • full analysis report
  • result animations and pictures of deformations and stresses.

Most significant benefits:

  • alterations done in the 3D model are associative with the mesh
  • quick recalculation
  • many load cases with same analysis model
  • reducing time for alterations by associative geometry and mesh
  • ability to build very big FEM models with 3D of 2D FEM elements.