AITAC continues to support students at the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka: For the next 10 years, 3DEXPERIENCE STEM Lab will be the place where the future is created


Photo: Zlatko Šimunce (CADCAM Group), Jasna Prpić Oršić (Faculty of Engineering), Marijan Lorencin (AITAC)

Photo: Zlatko Šimunec (CADCAM Group), Jasna Prpić Oršić (Faculty of Engineering), Marijan Lorencin (AITAC)


Following the signing of an agreement with AITAC and CADCAM Group on Friday, 6 October 2017, 3DEXPERIENCE STEM Lab was set up at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rijeka.   

Thanks to the partnership with AITAC and CADCAM Group, the Faculty of Engineering has been provided with academic licences for the new 3DEXPERIENCE platform for product engineering and development for the period of 10 years. The 3DEXPERIENCE STEM Lab equipped with a comprehensive business platform composed of various brands and solutions by Dassault Systemes, and represented by the CADCAM Group, makes it possible for the students at the Faculty to keep up with the latest technologies in product engineering and development.

As of today, we have the opportunity to educate our students using state-of-the-art software and thus improve their competitiveness in the labour market, even though this profile of professionals is highly sought after both in Croatia and abroad. Our intention is to make this modern software work as part of many of the courses we teach and we believe the Lab will provide students with more comprehensive and deeper insights, said Professor Jasna Prpić-Oršić, PhD, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

In addition to CAD functionalities for 3D engineering, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables the integration of all processes and data throughout the product’s lifecycle into an information environment with clearly defined user roles and authorisations, applications for 3D engineering, modelling and simulations, as well as applications for intelligent data management, i.e. data search and systematisation. It brings engineers, designers, managers, marketing, sales and other departments and locations into an integrated collaborative environment.

For AITAC, this is an important and logical step, as we are extending our long-term collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering where, for years now, we have been sponsoring all student projects which also use Dassault Systems solutions in the development of their projects, said Mr Marijan Lorencin, AITAC Director. On the other hand, our company actively uses the same solutions in our daily operation, and we also provide consultancy services in the field of 3DEXPERIENCE solutions implementation in shipbuilding to shipyards and other engineering and design companies. With this project, our aim is to encourage students to expand their knowledge on new technologies so as to become more competitive in the labour market, as well as better candidates for potential new job positions at AITAC.

On the occasion of the official opening ceremony of the 3DEXPERIENCE STEM Lab equipped with the state-of-the-art engineering technology,presentations on the CAD capabilities of the new 3DEXPERIENCE platform were given by AITAC, CADCAM Group and Dassault Systemes. All visitors to the 3DEXPERIENCE STEM Lab were able to test the new platform with expert assistance – they were able to step into the virtual reality of the most complex structures within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform using HTC Vive device, as well as meet Poppy, humanoid robot built by students using 3DEXPERIENCE platform and 3D printing technology.