FEM modelling for MOAB AC Substation for GLOBAL TECH 1 Wind Park - German North Sea

Client: OVERDICK and PARTNERS, Hamburg (http://overdick.com)

Engineering Services

FEM modelling using CATIA V5, mesh generation for Strand 7 (NASTRAN format). FEM model was provided for the platform part of the installation.


The GLOBAL TECH 1 Substation is a self installing platform according to OVERDICK MOAB concept.

Beschrijving: OV       Beschrijving: OV


The entire electrotechnical and utilities equipment it is self-contained within the platform topsides. Included in the topsides is also the hotel module for 40 POB and a full operational helicopter infrastructure.

·           Payload: 2.700 t

·           J Tubes: 14

·           LAT 40m

·           Location Germany

·           POB 37

For all information, refer to Overdick and Partners: (http://overdick.com)