AITAC Software Development Offerings

From the development of a fully automated Shipbuilding Drawings creation software on top of CATIA, to the automation of stairs and walkways, DXF import, CATIA to pipe stress software interface, AITAC is able to specify, develop and deploy in your company the software you need to improve your productivity, streamline your workflow and make you save money.

AITAC people have the highest competencies for developing software in the PLM domain and around Dassault Systèmes V5, V6 and 3D Experience softwares.

We can manage from very simple V5 or V6 automation tool to extremely complex V5 or V6 CAA projects requiring several years of developments, thanks to our extensive experience in industrial software developments. 

Many customers have benefited from our add-on solutions, saving from few thousands to several millions thanks to our softwares.

AITAC software development offering is there to help you save money:

  • Value and process audit: AITAC investigates with you the key enhancements needed, where it makes sense to create new tools, how to reorganize your process to take benefit of new tools.
  • Industrial audit: understanding your way of working is key to the success of the software development, in order to provide you the tool you need.
  • Software specification: AITAC helps you specify the software, going into the details and making sure it will fits your need.
  • Software development: AITAC develops software using agile methods, in very close contact with you. You do not discover the software at the, you build it with us.
  • Software deployment: AITAC is there to deploy the software with your team and to help you make the best out of the new tool.
  • Software maintenance and enhancement: AITAC does not leave you alone once the software is delivered. We can react very quickly in case of bugs, and we work with you to improve the software.

If you are a Dassault Systèmes CAA partner, and you need guidance to develop your product, do not hesitate to contact us.