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MeyerWerft GmbH

'MEYER WERFT GmbH has been working with AITAC since 2001 on various projects.
The projects ranged from a large shipbuilding drawings custom CAA application on top of CATIA to the evaluation of the CATIA V5 solution.
AITAC always provided us with the best products and services. 
The company has deep knowledge of shipbuilding and of the CATIA solutions, which makes it very easy to cooperate with them when trying to improve our process.
The work of AITAC allowed us to save hundreds of hours of work allowing our designers to focus on the important tasks and helping the yard to reduce the total cost of a ship and being more productive.
This has been one of the reasons we are able to engineer in quite shorter time.
AITAC is the only company in this field with such knowledge, expertise and dedication. We are happy with such a flexible and knowledgeable PLM and engineering company. We plan in the future to expand our cooperation with AITAC in the PLM field as well as in the Engineering field.'
Ruediger Thiel
Head of CAD/CAM
MeyerWerft GmbH