We at AITAC do not only claim we support and deploy PLM, we actually do.

We support demanding customers and we have our own Design and Engineering office which is using CATIA.

Yes, a PLM system like CATIA can provide a very good competitive advantage. But we, at AITAC, do not think a customer should be left alone with a complex system like a PLM / CAD system because it can also turn into a nightmare. No way around: because it is powerful, it is also complex, and it needs good competencies to make it work the way you want. We offer you those competencies so you can turn your system into a true competitive advantage and a tool to make substantial savings.

In our design and engineering office we use intensively CAD/PLM, especially Dassault Systèmes solution for Shipbuilding (CATIA V5 and CATIA V6). We also have many years of successful experience supporting shipbuilding customers, mechanical customers and energy/offshore customers. So we know how to turn your Dassault Systèmes solution into a workable and efficient tool for you.

So, that is our attitude: we do not let you down or alone with a complex system, we learn from all our customers and we do our best to solve your pains and help you make the best out of your PLM until it matches your business.