AITAC customizations

Over the period of 2001 till 2012, AITAC has developed a large number of customizations for CATIA for the CVN78/CVN79 program.

The customizations included amongst others: add-on on the CATIA hull structure application for advanced 3D hull structure detailing using solid modelling. Dynamic switch between design and manufacturing view of the hull structure, hull structure manufacturing features, advanced profile endcuts, nesting/cutting data. 3D electrical cable routing.

And automated drawing extraction for: profile fab sketches, plate fab sketches, pipe spool drawings, HVAC spool drawings, support fab drawings, automatic outfitting arrangement and installation drawings.

3-D modeling

For the Ford-class, Newport News Shipbuilding utilized the latest and most advanced computer tool capabilities and functionalities for visual integration in design, engineering, planning and construction

Every piece part is created in a 3-D model at full scale which includes structure, various equipments, piping systems, machinery, electrical, wireways, gauges, pumps, berths, medical and galleys. At any given day hundreds of designers, engineers, planners and construction representatives were in the model designing, creating and planning every feature of the ship.

Part of the design build process is to validate requirements and ensure ship specifications are met, including access, passage, repair, take-downs, removals of components and safe working areas. For the Ford-class, Newport News Shipbuilding considered sailors with heights in the 95th percentile male to the 5th percentile female, ensuring all operations can be performed without restriction of human size.

Consideration of emergency crew wearing various apparatus and the capability of routing injured personnel through the ship also was considered. All these design challenges along with working to maintain the shortest and optimal routes for distributive systems tested the capabilities of the 3-D visualization tools.

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