Automatic piping orthogonal spool fabrication drawings

Hungton Ingalls Industries

(formerly Northrop Grumman Newport News, VA, U.S.A.)

Development of a full automated solution for generating piping spool drawings out of 3D models

Detailed description
Development, based on CATIA, of a highly productive application to automatically produce piping spool drawings out of 3D models:

  • Fully customizable setup
  • Batch creation of drawings, no user interaction
  • Automatic placement and creation of views
  • Easy update of the drawings in case of design changes
  • Automatic placement of all annotations and dimensions
  • Automatic pipe bending simulation against all shipyard manual and NC bending machines
  • Automatic generation of part joining table (weld data, roll orientation angles and references, branch angles, etc)
  • Smart drawings, fully associative with 3D models

The application allows the shipyard to fully automate the production of piping spool drawings, leading to great savings.

CATIA is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes.