CATIA V5 implementation

Alstom Environmental Control Systems, Växjö, Sweden

CATIA V5 implementation

Alstom Environmental Control Systems, Växjö, Sweden

Deployment of AITAC parametric detailed HVAC parts with stiffening and guides vanes, including different graphical representations for FEM and CFD analysis. Implementation of improvements in methodologies for primary and secondary structure, P&ID and 3D piping.

Detailed description
Development, based on CATIA,of a highly productive HVAC parts to automate the layout production of new plants, including FEM and CFD analysis integration

  • setup a customized layout environment
  • setup a parameterized stairs and walkways catalog including KKS knowledge rules
  • including a power copy and assembly template catalog within SR1
  • setup a fully flexible and intelligent HVAC catalogue including several graphical integrated representations like FEM and CFD
  • setup SR1 beam catalog and methodologies
  • setup a specific DIN Piping catalog including pipe specifications
  • including integration with ISOGEN for isometrics drawings output
  • implementation of AITAC DIN hanger catalog
  • support in training and sharing experience on many subjects to the rest of team.

The specific applications allows Alstom Environmental Control Systems to save lots of time for layout engineering, leading to great savings and better cost estimates as well as a faster bid to prospects.

CATIA is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes.

Alstom Environmental Control Systems (ECS) in Växjö designs, builds and delivers fabric filter units for power applications.

The company has a significant air pollution control experience and a large installed base across a wide range of industries.

This unparalleled level of expertise serves customers to meet their ongoing emission compliance needs.

Damper part

Some of their products:

  • NID dry Flue Gas Desulphurization System
  • Scrubbers for Wet FGD Applications
  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Clean Air Solutions for Waste Incineration

Elbow with Guide Vanes

For layout & detailed design purposes CATIA V5 is widely used in the company. AITAC has developed a full parameterized HVAC Ducting catalog where all parts can be adjusted to the needs of the system. Parts are placed on a flexible run line which poses the main attributes of the system. HVAC Parts placed on this routed run will inherit all intelligence of this run line.

HVAC parts example including stiffeners

Transition Examples

FEM result on HVAC parts

A solid result mode used for CFD analysis

DIN piping example result

For HVAC round and rectangular ducting an AITAC hanger catalog with parameterized hangers and supports was implemented. The hangers are placed by just one click onto the run.

SR1 structure can be adjusted and is flexible in height

Rectangular support and Round support

AITAC DIN piping catalog with DIN hangers example

Beside the HVAC catalog AITAC has developed a parameterized stair and walkway catalog based on HVAC functionalities. Walkway, Corner and Junction Parts can be placed on a special HVAC run and have same flexibility like HVAC parts.

Stair and walkway catalog based on HVAC functionalities

Through use of assembly templates above parts can also be placed directly into a sub assembly

Examples of assembly template (stair tower) and two power copy parts

Some V5 plant examples