FPSO layout method development and automation

Layout automation and implementation in CATIA V5

Sevan Marine ASA, Arendal, Norway

Implementation of CATIA V5, and using proven AITAC methodologies, provide a highly flexible and productive way to generate full digital mockups for concept and basic engineering phase.

Detailed description
Development of a highly productive, parametric and reusable layout process for the Sevan Units.

  • Parametric and full associative methodology for hull structure (plate and stiffening) including rules
  • power copy and assembly template catalogs for primary structure, secondary structure, mechanical design, and outfitting.
  • Creation of ANSI piping catalog with NORSOK pipe specs
  • Creation of Equipment catalog including assemblies
  • P&ID implementation
  • Isogen pipe spool fabrication drawings implementation
  • Arrangement Drawing generation procedures
  • Continued PRM maintenance including switch to new releases
  • procedure documentation creation

The solution achieved allows the company to save significant time savings in layout creation and modifications, as well as drawing extraction, leading to great savings and more accurate weight and costs estimations.

CATIA is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes.

FPSO Sevan Voyageur

Sevan Marine ASA primary focuses by delivering products and solutions to the offshore industry, utilizing its core competencies within the areas of design, engineering and project execution.

The basis for the products and solutions is the Sevan technology.

So far, the Company has concentrated its efforts in utilizing the Sevan technology for floating production and drilling applications. However, also other applications, incluDINg Gas to Wire (GTW), FDPSO (Floating Drilling & Production), floating LNG (FLNG) and accommodation.

Sevan Driller

The symmetry of the design and the simplicity of the structural arrangement make the construction of the hull simple and efficient. No special facilities or infrastructure are required, thus standard shipyard facilities existing worldwide are sufficient to construct Sevan units.

Sevan layout example of Driller

The design of the topside processing plant is made by the in-house expertise in Sevan Marine, Kanfa, Kanfa Aragon, Mator and Kanfa-Tec.

Functional description documents as FFD, P&IDs, cause and effect diagrams, commissioning procedures and operational manuals are established as a basis for the procurement of equipment, construction, functional testing, pre-commissioning, hook-up and commissioning of the topside modules.

Virtual Mockup of an Sevan FPSO

The layout design is done through V5 CATIA and AITAC has been involved since 2007 in the process for development of catalogs and methods, to enable a fully productive and parametric layout assembly.

Example of a V5 parametric hull with central shaft

Example of a V5 parametric double bottom

Structure skeleton and solid result controlled by a Excel sheet

Piping specials example: 1. Orifice flange & spectacle; 2. Olet and Nipoflange

Piping valves example in layout and in detailing phase

Example of fitting-to-fitting piping parts (no run)

Example of piping report based on the 3D model intelligence

Example of combination of Structure, Stairs & Railing, and Piping disciplines

A generated Isometric from one of the piping spools

Parametric Equipments examples

Report Example of several equipments