Isogen customization and implementation

Implementation of AITAC methodologies for ISOGEN and Piping specifications. Deployement of AITAC catalog for secondary structure.

ITER Nuclear Fusion For Energy, Cadarache, France

Development of specialized stair and walkway parts, implementation of AITAC methodologies for ISOGEN and Piping specifications

Detailed description
Implementation, based on CATIA, of piping modifications to gain correct interoperability between ITER 3D piping and the ISOGEN software.

  • AITAC stairs and walkways catalogue customized to ITER needs
  • Implementation of Isogen (formats, title block, bill-of-material, 2D specific symbols, setup)
  • CATIA implementation of PIPING classes for Cooling Water System (CWS)
  • testing and "How To" documents

The implementations allow the ITER organization to save lots of time through additional extensions and better use and of the basic V5 solution.

CATIA is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes.

The overall aim of the ITER organization, implemented in Cadarache in France, is to build and operate ITER, which is to demonstrate the technical and scientific feasibility of fusion power. ITER will be the first fusion facility to produce net power on a large scale. As for the experimental nature of ITER it will also test most of the key technologies that will be needed for future fusion power plants.

ITER is based on the "tokamak" concept, in which the fusion fuel is contained in a doughnut-shaped vessel.

The fuel - a mixture of deuterium and tritium, two isotopes of hydrogen - is heated to temperatures in excess of 100 million degrees, forming a hot gas "plasma".

The plasma is kept away from the walls by a strong magnetic field produced by superconducting coils surrounding the vessel and an electrical current driven in the plasma.

Experimentation in ITER will allow for the first time the integrated optimization of the plasma physics and the various technologies needed for efficient power production.

All installations are designed with CATIA.

In order to perform 2D isometric drawings of 3D piping lines, ITER uses ISOGEN software, a bridge in order to pass through information between CATIA and the ISOGEN.

This implied specific advanced setup of both applications and AITAC has assisted ITER in customization of this bridge.

(For more info of ITER see

Example of the 3D layout of the main facility with integration of all disciplines

Example of the 3D spool pipe and the generated through ISOGEN