3D Scanning

A technology that resolves the boundaries of classical measurement


Work fast. Work smart. Use the 3D scanner!

3D Scanning technology resolves the boundaries of classical measurement and has greater potential for acquired data handling.                 
The process provides the full digital presentation of a scanned object that can be used for creating documentation or for three-dimensional model-making purposes.                 
Models can be used for the restoration of physical objects, reverse engineering, quality control, etc.                 
The data collected with a 3D scan can be imported into standard shipbuilding, mechanical, architecture, building & construction or general industry software.      


Advantages of 3D scanning technology:

  • Reduces technical documentation production time  
  • Measures and checks overall and exact model dimensions  
  • Facilitates visualization and planning  
  • Accelerates construction and assembly  
  • Minimizes excess on-site material handling  
  • Increases your competitiveness  
  • Minimizes your clients’ downtime  
  • Eases communication with customers    

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Laser Tracker

The FARO Vantage E laser device allows you to create and inspect products by measuring quickly, easily and precisely. With superior accuracy, exceptional portability and exceptional robustness, Vantage Laser Trackers make large-scale 3D measurements easy. They simplify your processes and give you confidence in the measurement results. The latest generation raises productivity and simplicity to a higher level. The VantageE is intended for measurement applications up to 35 meters.