AITAC has established new department for 3D Technologies



It has been almost one year since we started realization of the project co-financed by HAMAG-BICRO (the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovation and Investments)  under the public call ‘’Poduzetnički impuls: Jačanje konkurentosti prerađivačke industrije’’ (Strengthening the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry). The project started in January 2016 and will last until 18th of December 2016. Total value of project amounts 781.872.81 kn, of which fifty percent is financed by HAMAG-BICRO, and the other half by our own funds. The goal of the project is to increase operating efficiency and competitiveness by introducing advanced technologies that will enable the expansion of services ranges. As part of the project, the 3D technology department within AITAC was established, 3D scanner and additional equipment was purchased and we implemented Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to improve productivity and overall business performance in AITAC.


More information about our new 3D Technology Department and the services we provide within can be found on the following website: