AITAC integrates now full CFD
expertise for yacht engineering

September 1, 2010

AITAC goes one step further in yacht engineering, now with a full set of CFD analysis capabilities, allowing to fine tune the ship design and to avoid towing tank experiments.

AITAC completed a full set of CFD simulation for a large yacht (140 meters yacht). Using the STAR-CCM+ software, the yacht model was taken directly from CATIA to perform the simulation. The mesh had about 20 millions volume cells, 6 degrees of freedom were used, and the simulation was done using a turbulence and multiphase modeling. Simulation ran 2 days on an 80-cores supercomputer. Changes in the hull resulting from the simulation can be integrated directly in CATIA, even if the structural design is on going.

AITAC experts can perform free surface calculations, exhaust flow simulation, propulsion analysis, forces on walls (hull) and wave loads, fluid flow visualization, with all kinds of fluid flow details. Combined with our unique expertise in Yacht and Marine engineering, AITAC can now offer you a solution at any stage of your design.

CATIA is a registered trademark from Dassault Systèmes.