Testimonials  PLM Solutions & Consultancy

Alstom Power

"For implementation of Equipment & Systems setup 
ALSTOM Power Sweden AB has worked
mainly with AITAC BV from the Netherlands.
AITAC BV has been supporting our layout projects with a high level
of knowledge and technical expertise and has an excellent knowledge 
into this domain, providing methodology and inovative ideas to our layout designs in V5.
AITAC’s consultant has helped us :
    •    setup a customized layout environment including KKS standards
    •    setup a parametrized stairs and walkways catalogue specially customized to our need
    •    including a powercopy and assembly template catalog within SR1
    •    setup a fully flexible and inteligent HVAC catalogue including:
    •    several graphical integrated representations like FEM and CFD
    •    setup SR1 catalog and methodologies
    •    setup a specific DIN Piping catalog and specification
    •    including integration with ISOGEN for isometrics drawings output
    •    setup a hanger catalog based on DIN standards
    •    support in training and sharing experience on many subjects to the rest of team.
These tasks could not have been performed without detailed E&S knowledge.
All corporative work resulted in a speedup and time saving as well
as accurate costs estimates of our new projects

Micko Bjorck
Engineering Manager
Alstom Power, Sweden

ITER Organization

"For any catia v5 customer, an appropriate implementation of EnS workbench is a real challenge all the more that very few companies in the world truly have an expertise to help on this.
ITER have work for implementation of its own EnS setup with several companies such as AREVA TA, SOGETI, IBM, Dassault systems and AITAC.
AITAC have truly be the only one to join the project with a high level of technical expertise and an impressive background in the domain, providing ready to use assistance from the first day.
AITAC’s consultant have provide us :
    •    An impressive stairs and walkways catalogue customize to our need.
    •    The setup to bridge CATIA V5 with ISOGEN in order to generate almost automatically isometrics drawings.
    •    The methodology to built easily Piping specification together with an example.
    •    Guidance and return of experience on many subject to the rest of team.
All these tasks really require high level of knowledge to be performing adequately.
It would have taken us three to four times the time taken by AITAC to perform theses internally and probably with a result less effective to speed up the design.

 Frederic Autogue

Plant Design CAD Tools Coordinator
Plant Design Section

ITER Organization, France

MeyerWerft GmbH

"MEYER WERFT GmbH has been working with AITAC since 2001 on various projects.
The projects ranged from a large shipbuilding drawings custom CAA application on top of CATIA to the evaluation of the CATIA V5 solution.
AITAC always provided us with the best products and services. 
The company has deep knowledge of shipbuilding and of the CATIA solutions, which makes it very easy to cooperate with them when trying to improve our process.
The work of AITAC allowed us to save hundreds of hours of work allowing our designers to focus on the important tasks and helping the yard to reduce the total cost of a ship and being more productive.
This has been one of the reasons we are able to engineer in quite shorter time.
AITAC is the only company in this field with such knowledge, expertise and dedication. We are happy with such a flexible and knowledgeable PLM and engineering company. We plan in the future to expand our cooperation with AITAC in the PLM field as well as in the Engineering field.

Ruediger Thiel
Head of CAD/CAM
MeyerWerft GmbH

Sevan Marine

"At Sevan Marine we are building innovative designs and solutions for the offshore industry. Therefore, in our engineering office, we are looking for the best possible process optimization and design quality. One of the advanced tools we use to achieve this is CATIA V5.
AITAC has done a tremendous job at customizing and improving our CATIA V5 tool, understanding our needs and our processes. Thanks to AITAC deep knowledge of CATIA V5, we can now produce a entire new design in a few days.

Sevan Marine