AITAC Academy

The company AITAC d.o.o. has started the implementation of the project "AITAC LEARNING ACADEMY". The project was co-financed by the European Union as part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021-2026.

Project brief: The "AITAC LEARNING ACADEMY" project addresses the issue of digitizing internal and external business processes. The overall objective of the project is to enhance the competitiveness and productivity of AITAC d.o.o. through digital business transformation. The target groups involved in the project activities are clients, employees, suppliers of the company, as well as the local and wider population (HR, EU). The key outcome of the project is the development of IT solutions that will improve business processes and contribute to strengthening the market position and competitiveness of AITAC d.o.o.

Project beneficiary: AITAC d.o.o.
Total project value: 236.879,51€
Total eligible expenses: 189.503,61 €
EU project funding: 99.542,10 €

The project implementation period takes place from 01/01/2023. 01/01/2025. - 24 months.

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