Wesseling Sud - Flare Gas Lines Revamping


  • Germany


  • 611 SCANS
  • 3600 M
  • B/W
  • 20 DAYS

3D model of 3 oil refinery trains.

Located nearby Cologne in Germany, the refinery in Wesseling had to undergo a revamping and overhaul. IDS as a major EPC contractor won the contract, and at the project peak they were mobilizing 2000 people on-site. Between the first cut and gas introduction back to the revamped systems was a 2-month period of complete shutdown. Due to such short timeframe, everything had to be planned in detail and prefabricated much earlier.

AITAC’s service scope was to produce a digital model of 3 trains / pipe racks, and special attention was given to flare gas lines which had to undergo a complete revamping and overhaul. More than 611 scan positions were taken on-site. Model was delivered in. rcp format. IDS engineering team used the scanned model to partly reconstruct the plants twin, with more processing isometrics ware produced.