Basic yacht design, structural design, 
mechanical design, these are the things we do. 
But not only.

At AITAC, we believe that providing you final 3D models or shop drawings is not enough. We value customer first. We value a strong relationship with our customers, and we do listen and help you achieve your project, bringing you our experience and efficiency. We know that Yacht Engineering is not a straight path. So we will never hide behind initial specifications, but rather guide you through all the needed changes that may occur.

From engineering one of the largest yachts in the world
to developing PLM solutions for a cruise liner shipyard,
AITAC can provide the support you need.

Our services

  • Naval Architecture
    Calculation of weight distribution, hydrostatic calculation (intact and damage stability); freeboard calculation, watertight integrity plan; escape plan, life saving appliance, fire control plan; Structural Fire Protection, etc.
    • FEA
    • CFD
  • Basic and Conceptual Design
  • Consultancy
  • Structural Classification Design
  • Structural Detail Design
  • System Schematics and P&IDs
  • Ship System design (piping, HVAC...)

Working closely with you AITAC will understand your
challenges, help you engineering your projects as well as
make the best out of your system and provide you a fully
integrated PLM solution based on CATIA® V5 or V6.

How do we make it better!

  • By making unique 3D CAD/CAE model combining all ship systems, equipment, accommodations and Structural elements; All modeled data are “intelligent” containing valuable data in background, afterwards used for different calculations and automatic extraction for manufacturing
  • Parametric modeling
  • Advance collision checking routines
  • Automatic extraction of fabrication and installation data (pipe and HVAC spool drawings, structural cutting and marking data)
  • Integration of CAD design and FEA into a single model

Our philosophy

  • We cherish good communication, candour and good understanding of client needs
  • Our team often works at client premises as well at AITAC office
  • Flexible on client requests
  • We value importance of good project management and document management system

A team of 30+ skilled and motivated people is ready to help you from our engineering headquarters in Rijeka Croatia, or at your own location.