Project name: CM42
Project type: Yacht | 45,2 metre
Project coordinator: AITAC d.o.o. (Internal R&D)
Naval arhitect: AITAC d.o.o.
Designer: Valdi Knapić
Starting date: 2014-...


Short description:

The CM42 is an aggressive looking, 45,2 meter long, yacht characterized by powerful and decisive lines on first sight. Second glance reveals the real CM42 character: sharp, sophisticated and impressive. An audacious and bold expression that has managed to rise above the conventional design, without being trapped in the cliché of becoming just another theoretical exercise. The realistic CM42 design is comfortable, spacious, simple but different, safe and stylish.



Project description:

The CM42 design is based on its character, sharp and inspired by wild sea life, sophisticated as its performance, impressive as comfort and joy of living on the sea.

The aerodynamic superstructure design emphasizes and underlines the basic characteristic of the hull; the inborn speed and efficiency with B/L ratio of high speed craft, accommodating spacious pleasure craft superstructure. The openings in the bow part of the hull are inspired by the shark branchia and the main side raising arc stripe that surrounds the superstructure, mimics a feline jump.

The "masculine" line gives the impression toward adventurous dreams, seaworthiness and complacency, while sending the subliminal message - with the right attitude nothing remains out of reach.

A wide four-deck area allows convenient and luxurious interior design. Lower deck accommodates 4 full size guest suites (up to 8 guests) and separated accommodation for 5 crew members plus a permanent beach club for sunbathing and boarding the yacht tender and jet skis. Except the large owner area the main deck is composed of a dining zone and a large salon that opens to a wide aft side with a comfortable lounge area. The front part of the upper deck is occupied by the pilothouse and the captain suite, preceded by a comfortable salon that communicates without apparent discontinuity with a wide open area equipped with an open space dining area end relaxing deckchairs part. The bow side except for the technical side has a sunbathing place and sitting zone right in front of the pilothouse. The overall effect of the fly bridge is enhanced by a relaxing Jacuzzi supplemented with two wide sunbathing zones.



Key aspect of the project:

• The reverse upper bow which holds partly the seed of the whole external expression,
• The illusion of a light and dynamic floating superstructure over a massive and aggressive hull,
• The reminiscences of wild animal life,
• Futuristic design with buildable ‘feet on the ground’ approach and character floating near the sky.