Abu Dhabi MAR

Swift141, 141 m Megayacht Project, largest yacht conversion

Complete engineering of the SWIFT141 Megayacht

Abu Dhabi MAR Group

Complete engineering for structure and outfitting of the SWIFT141 (141 meters long Megayacht). 
AITAC participated in the project as lead engineering subcontractor and in most cases we were able
to act as main engineering designer due to our deep involvement in all aspects of engineering.
We have created a unique engineering environment were one 3D model was used for all engineering
tasks. From organization point of view AITAC have set up an engineering office at client site
whose role was liaison and coordination between client and home office.

Detailed description

Naval Architecture Assistance
Our assistance consisted of calculation of weight distribution, hydrostatic calculation (intact and damage
stability); freeboard calculation, watertight integrity plan, watertight integrity plan; escape plan,
Life saving Appliance, Fire Control Plan; Structural Fire Protection, etc.

3D modelling (complete package)
Unique intelligent 3D model was build including all ship systems, equipments and structural elements;
All modelled data were “intelligent” containing valuable data in background afterwards used for different
calculations and automatic extraction for manufacturing

FEM analysis
Same 3D model was used as input for FEM analysis and structural calculation.
Ship global strength was calculated for new added parts; existing structural elements were verified
and comprehensive report was delivered to client and DNV.


Structure design, class drawings
Full set of structural drawing was extracted from 3D model. Main structural drawings were delivered for
client verification and DNV approval; detail drawings were extracted for workshops and production.

Arrangements and Coordination drawings
Typical shipbuilding arrangement and coordination drawings were extracted from 3D model with special
consideration on installation and manufacturing

Piping, arrangements, foundations
Automatic spool and assembly drawings were delivered for all piping systems.

Workshop documentation
Due several reasons, the work on the SWIFT141 was extremely complex. Thanks to the use of our own
and unique document system and procedures, we succeeded to respond to the customer in a very efficient
and flexible way, whatever the demands.

The difficulty of the project were:

  • Very quick growth of the customer company
  • Refit of an existing ship, with little to none existing documentation, and with several engineering
    companies working at the same time, leading to combining new design with reverse engineering
    of existing design and creating documentation for undocumented design.
  • Concurrent engineering: detail design and initial design were to be carried out at the same time.
  • Several engineering offices with specific IT tools all around the globe
  • Multi language and multi cultural environment